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Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback


Did I miss a change log or something where they said that they were changing the FA coin sack badges to need 4 times the amount of coins per badge, compared to the last FA? I know that inflation rates around the world are high right now, but this seems extreme! - or, is this a bug?


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@Paladestar on the case already asking the Question! :)

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Sir Derf

And was the lack of announcement about this change as intended?

I didn't hear anyone in Beta mentioning this, so it sounds like, after running FAs for quite a while with the previous Sack requirements, that they decided to change it without testing it on Beta first.


I cannot believe this. 4x increase can not be intended and it is easier to say you intended doing something than admit you made a mistake!

Anyone know how to turn steel into gold?


Yep, they seem to have changed the requirements to make that badge to be about four times what they were during the last FA! :eek:
It wasn't an easy badge to begin with (if one's competing for top spots) so this is going to make it a huge problem.


Has anyone else noticed that the amount of goods need for bracelets has also gone up? It use t be 44k for chapter 15 now it's 67k


I've just emptied 20 magic residences of their full number of coins and got just over half a sack. We need 360 to complete all paths on all maps - and then some for the Pit. I don't see that it is possible now.
More to the point, as was the case originally with Arcane Residue and Bracelets when they first came out, now Sacks of coins will be the bottleneck. So we will all sit around twiddling our thumbs not bothering to make too many badges and just watching our number of Sacks of Coins creep up slowly. If we can't get enough of them then there is no point in making lots of the other badges.
Incomprehensible! Are you sure this is not some typo error?


Grrrrr... like many of us I'm in a fellowship whose members range from "love the FA" to "waste of time but I'll do it to help the fellowship" to "hate it, let's just get through the easiest route collect the arfefacts". Some of the recent changes (easy-to-collect badges, easy-to-see list of who's on the map, reduction in the arcane costs) were great, they were helping the indifferent and negative to feel more positive about the FA. The increase in cost for the coin badge has annoyed EVERYONE. I am an FA fanatic, I spent days getting four cities ready for this FA. But right now I feel like tearing down the shanty towns and taking the week off.
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Sir Derf

As to the sacks, I've played the game, and I've always found that I had tons of sacks left over at the end of FAs. When I did my analysis for determining the most efficient paths and waypoints in the earlier formulation of the FA, Sacks of coins was one of the badges I completely ignored in my computations. I don't know if 4x is the right multiplier, but in my opinion, that was a badge that was in need of some serious rebalancing.