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Jemmilian Two (sister to Jemmilian) has two places open



We are a fairly relaxed and friendly Winyandor fellowship with links to the bigger Jemmilian with a mixed ability of players with a range of scores.

We focus on developing cities, swap tip and help each other in a friendly no pressure atmosphere and environment. As we have newer players, we are active and trade in smaller amount (50, 100,200) to help with growth. Players who push up the ranks quickly often get invited to join the main fellowship.

So if you are looking for a fun and no pressure gaming experience check us out!


I would be interested in joining your fellowship. I live in the UK but unfortunately only get to play 2/3 days a week.
If this is ok, I would be very happy.


Thanks for replying. That's fine, some of our players play at that level, if that's your player name I'll ping you an invite and you can see if you'll like it. Cheers