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Closed | Archived Issue with Culture Bonus


I have started seeing this issue recently maybe since about 2 or 3 days back. This occurs on PC desktop browser window and I am using chrome browser. After a neighbor help has been received for a Culture building the visual display on the top bar does not get updated i.e the cloud and sunny icon. But if the page is refreshed then it gets updated. The info regarding coins or supplies total when you mouse point on either the residence building or workshop building also does not get updated. But as mentioned above if the browser is refreshed the new cultural bonus gets reflected. The notifications section does show that one or more neighbors have helped but this does not reflect accordingly on the game screen always.

I have a world each on Arendyll and Winyandor and the issue occurs on both these worlds.



Not sure of that I try to check that out today. But when I start playing its opened in a separate chrome window. Since the voyager event is on am not sure of the idle part I believe its continuously kept the game busy.

But as mentioned in my original post the notification alert shows having received neighborly help and the corresponding cultural building also gets the handshake icon but its just the other counts and the sunny/cloudy icon on top that does not get reflected accordingly.


So the amount of gold and supplies vary according to your sun level. Can you test if this is a visual display or an actual lag?


Actually its like this. Since the starting of the Voyager event my cultural building have been replaced with the goodies that you offer with the event. The building are adjusted so that the Culture bonus always stays at 125% and as the neighbor help arrives it goes up to 160 or 170%. So even if a production is over I sometime wait out help.

Thats when I started noticing this one. Even if a cultural building with big culture value receives help the sun level does not change to 170%. When I started checking the notification window and comparing with the handshake icons on the buildings the sun level does not add up. When I mouse pointed on the residence building the coin total also does not reflect the neighbor help values. But when chrome is refreshed it all gets fine and the sun level also shows the 170% one.

So what I do is when I see a neighbor help notification I refresh my browser. Since I saw it many times and thats when I tried reporting here. But as usual after some building upgrades now my culture total has gone down, so cannot say if its happening frequently or not, since my culture total does not swing or vary a lot like the initial week of the voyager event.