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Question Is There a Player's Building Inventory?


Is there a tooltip or a menu somewhere you can go to in order to find out how many workshops of each type you have, how many residences you have and the levels they're upgraded to? If not, this would really be useful.

Several times when trying to decide if I need a new workshop, it was hard to see how many I already had.


No there isn't currently. It's not a million miles away from a suggestion of mine when I wanted to see an overview of culture buildings.


Thanks, Pauly7.

rock stream, I don't know what Elven Architecht or Elven Stats are, but I don't want to have to refer to another app when I'm playing and need to make a decision. I'm simply suggesting that each player's buildings inventory be made more easily accessible right here.


You might want to consider using the Architect. You are small now, but this is of benefit when you get bigger.