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Answered Is it possible ?

Duru Beibella


Out of curiosity .... is it possible to find out how long a player has been playing the game of Elvenar ? It's not important, but as I've been playing a while, I'd like to know just how long LOL

Thank you for any replies in advance :)

Duru Beibella

thank you Pauly7 I did check there first, but as you say it only goes back to 2018 and I knew I'd been here longer than that LOL ..... Support have given me the exact date so it's coming up 4 years now :)

Happy Gaming and Stay Safe,

Duru ;)


It also tells you your signup date in the newsletter/event emails etc. that we get from Inno, look near at the bottom of the email for this line:

We sent this email because you registered for an Elvenar account on 17.12.2017 using this email address: