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Is Battle rewarding enough to you?

Should battle be more...?

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I just had a look at the research tree for the new chapter.
- The Treant upgrade is in the second half, but looking at the wiki the new Treants have pretty good stats, so they are worth the wait.
- Elite Archers are at the END of the research tree, together with Squad size upgrade 27. Currently there's nothing more, though I am sure we will get Orcish Ancient Wonders eventually. But seriously, the END of the research tree? The most useless unit gets its long-overdue upgrade at the END of chapter? What a great way to make sure Elven Archers will remain largely useless! Good job, devs, good job.... not!

It's the same for Humans: Sinister Cerberus after the middle point, Master Crossbowman at the very end of chapter.


I don't have a problem with the rewards from the provinces. I'm currently just starting dwarves in both Arendyll and Winyandor. I do a roughly 50/50 split between fighting and negotiating at the moment. The fighting system could definitely do with some work as others have suggested. Being able to see the battlefield layout in advance would be a big bonus. The fighting units could do with some tweaking. The elven Sword Dancers have a bonus against heavy ranged but are virtually useless. They rarely survive long enough to reach those units. The human units don't have any bonus against heavy ranged. I generally trade the provinces with heavy ranged opponents. For those I fight I never use Sword Dancers/Axe barbarians or archer/crossbowman.