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Closed | Archived Invisible Mystery Chest in Spire.



I finished the first Stage of the Spire but cannot progress/open the door as I have a mystery chest that has not been collected.
When clicking on the message to show the chest, or on the icon on the top left corner, it directs me to an area (marked on the screenshot) where no chest is visible.
I have tried clicking where the chest should be but no object to interact with.
I have restarted the game and also tried both Flash and HTML.
I have checked the whole Spire level and there is no chest in any other spawn location.

Elvenar Spire bug.jpg
ve not collected a Mystery Chest


Fixed it by accident, although still a bug. Flash to HTML5 did not fix it but when I went back to Flash a chest appeared to the right of the area I marked.


I've had the same issue this week, but it sorted itself on refresh. Other members of my fellowship are also having problems. And, when catering, one of the characters is missing. Looks like the Spire is up the spout this week.