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Introducing myself? O.o


I am Irotheus otherwise known as Irori or called Iro for short...

I've been playing elvenar for a little while now, It's fun but I rly wish the buildings were smaller or we had more space to build on; THAT would make it even more fun ;) Anyway I just thought I'd swing in and say hello to everyone, been too lazy; I should have started a forum account sooner.

Oh, by the way if you are a fellow looking for a fellowship :rolleyes: I am the founder of Lunarflame in Felyndral (en3) & don't hesitate to message me I love getting messages :cool:. ~ Kind regards Iro



Welcome to the forum, Iro. :)

I was going to suggest you made a thread for your fellowship, then I found you already had!
Thanks for the welcome Dizzy, yeah; my fellowship means more to me than me so felt logical to make a fellowship page before I introduced myself.