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Announcement Introducing Exciting New Features!!!


Community Manager
Elvenar Team

New Features

Dear Humans and Elves

We are happy to announce three brand new changes arriving with our update on the 28th of September!

The first is the ability to view your Fellowship online status, from the Fellowship window as an extra tool to help Fellowships to thrive.

player online.jpg

The second is some exciting new Crafting Recipes are being added to the Magic Academy.

These are designed to enable Spell Fragments to be converted into Combining Catalysts and Vision Vapor!


Moonstone Library Changes

Last but not least, we are happy to announce balancing change to the Moonstone Library which will be geared to the players Boosted Refined Goods.

Scroll boosted players would now produce Silk in the Moonstone Library
Crystal boosted players would now produce Scrolls in the Moonstone Library
Silk boosted players would now produce Crystal in the Moonstone Library

To add to the new balancing, the Moonstone Library will produce T1 goods for the new players that have it at the Chapter 3 level. From Chapter 4 on it will produce T2 goods."


We hope you like the changes we're bringing to Elvenar. Please let us know your feedback to the changes by leaving a comment in the discussion thread!

kind regards

Your Elvenar Team