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I'm looking some friends






Invited on Winy by a Fellowship in the last few days. Soon as I arrived and every day, I've visited members tonight and here's what I get from the founder as I told him that + half of these members made no return visit:​

RP : << you need a message ! your manufacturing is not useful for a clan >>
Me : very surprise of course and Out of this Fellowship
RP : << we are stronger now...thanks >>
Me : << I play on several worlds French and English 2, this is the first time I see ask an active player who participates in the life of the clan to leave and keep players or players who do not do it! I do not understand at all where your attitude .. but it makes me sad because since I arrived I was always active and always >>
RP : << visits are nice but the most important thing is your factories >>

he invited me, he prefers an active player productions to complement his and I've never seen this on any of my worlds where we're happy to have players who participate and give "shots hands "!

sacred mentality :confused:

I'm really disappointed !!!

Looking same small clan,
with a friendly attitude and
friendly members looking for a player
who is there every day and to have fun
without stress
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Deleted User - 13667

you are welcome to join me if you like.

But I expel based on no shows, no explanations


I play every day and if IRL makes me miss I warn, this's normal and thank you for your invitation :)

now my boosts :
* (gems for after)
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no arendyll but winy carrot ;) many thanks for your friendly messages :)
good game and good up for my EX fellowship on winy