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Idea for a Fellowship Community Centre Building


Have you thought about a fellowship being able to create a community building, that once created sits up in the mountains. You could have quests for the fellowship to complete to create this building together and once created it appears for everyone in the fellowship. The community building could have upgrades that the fellowship work towards. There would be no time limits on the community being created initially, but the mini tournaments/quests attached to the fellowship community centre could run for specified time limits. As a fellowship we talk in the chat and inbox and help out the new members to our fellowship, maybe this forum could sit in the community centre as a "notice board" . It could be a place where fellowship members could have mini quests to earn little extras like items for tournaments, trade things that are not part of the trader, eg: seeds, mana, extra buildings, left over quest items (eg Halfling farm products) rather than them disappearing once the quest is completed. It could contribute towards ranking points and/or culture points. Or it could be a place where a member of a fellowship can request help to complete tasks/upgrades etc.
Just an idea
Have a wonderful day


Well, you have to get your fellows to chat FIRST. That's easier said than done. Once you do get them talking to each other, .... there is no reason for a town hall...you have a CHATBOX!

I don't know for sure, but I do believe that chattier FSs have MUCH higher scores than the non-chatty. Just MHO.


Our fellowship has great chat, heaps of tips and ideas for new members, but it all gets repeated as new members join so one central place would be great. I like the idea of the perks becoming a fellowship hall, definitely a missed opportunity


I agree with your idea, Golddust. I've been thinking along these lines for some time.

Egwene al Vere

well its true, the more chattier you are, the faster you progress as assistance, trades, wonders, etc are faster than when you dont chat so much. There is more motivation then too to take part in events because it gets to be more fun such as tournies, spire and the FA too. Smaller/new members especially feel like they are in a team where they belong since they are looked after and learns a lot. Besides that, everyone works together and grows together. If it happens to have an effect on your team's rankings or event scores then thats a bonus.

Having a community hall to enable the team to trade unwanted items or "discovered/crafted" or left-over settlement goods would be a great idea. This way nothing goes to waste and the team benefits
I was thinking something similar to this where we could trade unwanted spire rewards. eg. others in my FS have won moon bear artifacts but don't need them, I need 1 but haven't had any luck getting it (6 DA's in 2 weeks though). I'd be more than willing to trade a DA for an artifact.


We chat... maybe not all the time, but who has time for that! but we also DM to co-ordinate for events and FA, use chat for hints and tips, or reminders, so i dont think a standalone chat in a fellowship hall is necessary, unless your going to enable world chat to allow Fellowships to talk to everyone else, but then we have the forum for that.

Being able to maybe sell left-over settlement goods for other RSS, or trade/send them to other alliance members is a good idea though, i dread to think how much settlement goods i've ended up with at the end of each chapter, purely because i've not kept track or got the balance of requirements slightly wrong. or worse spent several days making one resource because that the only thing i need.


Perks are great but what about letting members of a fellowship swap artefacts/buildings - we were chatting about event buildings and several of us in Pandora had buildings but not the ones we wanted, it would be nice if they could be exchanged - same with artefacts.

Sir Derf

... and there would suddenly be a proliferation of sock puppet push accounts aggregating the collection of event buildings and artifacts.