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I don't get it.


So I caved and researched AW in chapter 3 (turns out that was a stupid idea, oh well)

I got a run, placed it in the slot blah blah.

Now I have another rune, which gives the "error" below. I know there is something about breaking rune shards (seriously, just call them runes and the broken bits shards? Who decided that rune shards were the top level??)

Should I be able to break this rune into bits that I can use later? This whole AW is badly explained and really annoying. I probably should have learnt by now...

Also note the "not a bug" line..



This happens due to a bug that makes it seem like you have a Rune when you don't. What happens is this:
- the game shows that you have a Rune
- you insert it
- for some reason the game continues to show that you still have a Rune for that AW even though you already used it
- you try to insert the Rune (that is no longer there)
- you get the error from the screenshot

At least that's what seems to happen, based on what other people have said (since I have not encountered this bug myself).


So I should put in a support ticket, which will either remove the error OR fix the rune?

Opened a support ticket, will let peeps know how it goes (in case others have this issue)

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Reloading worked (without cache refresh or anything) cheers!