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Question How much affects entering a new chapter tournament performance?


Hi, Elvenar friends, I want to know how much going from the last research of a certain chapter to the first one of another (in this case from Elvenars to Embassies) would affects my tourney performance.
I'm aware that every research you get from the research tree put a penalty over your and enemy tournament squad size, but I want to know if entering into a new chapter (the very first research of that chapter that allows you getting new MR/MW) has an SPECIAL difference in tournament difficulty in comparison of the OTHER researches before entering the new chapter and after taking the first research of a new chapter.
I know that in the case of the Spire this in fact has a hard impact in Spire difficulty, but in the case of tournament Is a totally mistery for me.
I'm asking you all this because I'd like to enter Embassies to get cultural buildings of that chapter and improve my MRs and MWs also AND not moving from that very first research afterwards.


Chapter has no influence on SS in either spire or tourney.

So the only increase in difficulty will be that of 1 additional tech when you finish the first tech in the new chapter. I don´t know how many techs are part of the first 15 chapters, but say if there are 400 techs, you will increase your costs by 0.25%.

In the spire you can get new resources in the convincing mini-game depending if there was a new resource introduced to the game in the previous chapter, in your case that is not the case (no new resource in chapter 15, means no resource added in chapter 16). This can be a difficulty inccrease for you if you have trouble producing this resource or make it easier if you have a lot of it. The amounts needed however are directly dependent on the SS, so the same increase as above.


Yeah, once you are right there you might as well enter the new chapter as it only costs you the effect of 1 tech.

The only downside of doing this is if you were worried about FAs and things that have chapter based requirements. The moment you step up to the new chapter then things such as bracelet badges will cost more and you won't have gotten any extra resource production to compensate.


@Pauly7 is right of course, FAs are a whole differnt story :) Here chapter does matter... Bracelets and Money bags I find the two important ones.

The benefit would be that you can upgrade your magic residences another level for better efficiency... (and the MWS in general gameplay). As well of course all your other event buildings, but unfortunately those upgrades often are really weak in chapter 16.