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How many of you played empire games on the 90s?


Hi fellas,

I am curious, how many of you played empire-building games from the 90s. No reason in particular, but I see many people struggle with this game (which is super easy), and also with ENNO (a company that gives x100 times more free premium that other companies, or an infinite amount since some companies used to give ZERO, no way, only real cash.) However, every time someone complains about ENNO or the game, I always think, "Wow... you just don't know what a real mean empire game is" hahaha.

So, I am curious if you did :) And how do you compare with this one. As I played dozen, and this is the most original, and easiest (roads, and building growth, the first time I see, but still, easy vs much other stuff.)

It is funny because, at the same time, some players want some of those awful things that these games had in the 90s.

It would be fun to know :p