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How do you rank rewards?


While doing this March of the Herds I definitely prefer some rewards over others...

1. I most like buildings that are multi-functional. For example; make guards and add culture. I very much like that. Free troops I value highly.
2. I don't like buildings that disappear after a time. It means I get limited time benefit, but have to keep land empty all the time, in case I want to use the limited time building. I would never pick one of these as a reward.
3. Single purpose buildings, especially culture only. Meh. Don't really care, I would only pick this if it was nearly the end of the event and I had to spend my points.
4. Novel buildings that I haven't seen before. I do like to have my city looking different. So looks do matter, but the purpose matters more.
5. Wandering merchants. I would like these more if they were all the same value. Right now if you get a level 1 Merchant it is worth 16 times less than a level 3 Merchant, because they both make 300 items, or so. They should all make the same value of goods, rather than all produce the same number of goods.
6. Gap filler rewards. Buildings that are 1X1 are much more useful, because they can be put anywhere, orientation doesn't matter. Whereas 2X1 and 3X1 are less able to be placed. This would matter more if I had to be more careful with using space, but because we always need to keep some land useless, the gap filler rewards aren't that important.