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Question How do i build a gate to other towns


There is no such thing.
Is it possible that you mean a Portal? Those buildings belong to Guest races' Settlements.


Would be a good idea, though. We need something original for the next chapter.

rock stream

Hi Verytie. If you could define your question a little better it may help to get the answer you require.
My guess:) If you mean discover a other town, you do that through scouting on the world map. Once discovered, you can do neighbourly help and trade with out fee. When scouting its best to scout in a circle but you can scout directly to an active trader if you wish before returning to scouting in a circle.
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The question might be related to Scouting in order to discover neighboring provinces and cities.


Would be a good idea, though. We need something original for the next chapter.

Hahaha! I think they have us running in enough circles right now, thank you! However....., we could pillage and plunder with gates to other worlds???? Nah!


you can be related with other players' cities with neighborhoods (with scouting on your map) or with fellowship (you need to join with one fellowship) - no more ways to contact another city on app.
Still - if you play on PC, you can search other players cities by clicking on your ranking number and searching player names there, and so can visit all found cities.
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