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hover on army camp


I think it would be a usefull and time saving tool to be able to just hover over ones army camp in barracks to view ones troops. I know it's not such a big deal to click and enter but as most everything allows one to hover over it, it would be more convenient TY for the consideration


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Currently there is already a tooltip for all of the military buildings that is activated when you scroll over it. This then shows the level of the building along with information about Units currently in production and the time left until they are completed.
Are you suggesting that that this should be enhanced with more information or that the current information should be replaced?


Not sure on the OP idea, but I'd like to see an addition to the building dialog Training tab tooltip with some extra infomation available in the Army Camp tab. Currently when you hover over the unit selection button you're shown the cost and time for training. It'd be nice to also see what's shown in the Availability section of the Army Camp tooltip - at the very least just how many of that unit type you have.


Or...when you open the Training tab if you could see all five existing troop numbers. I'm always flipping back and forth trying to see which of my troops needs supplement, so I can choose the next training group. Just a wish :cool:
Good discussion :)


Exactly skyrider when your in the training sector instead of having to click on the army camp tab you can hover over it. I too scroll back andf forth and it seems logical to have only to hover over it to see your troops (sorry for the delay)