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Research High Level Skill: Changing Careers


Would be great to have an option at high level for a player to change his/her production specialities.

An imbalance seems to have developed on this server where no-one is offering marble for trade. If players could 'change careers' it would address imbalances such as this


I noticed that. Planks overflow the market, and it rare to see marbles and steel. I'll second that motion, or to find a way to balance the goods.


I think marble and steel (especially) costs too much pop to have too many of them, the only way round it is to have more pop and buy as wholesale


In a given area more thought has to be given to how many players get the same item as a primary product. With the amount of players that don't return after a few days being a major influence on this maybe the formula needs a little tweaking???


Your goods boosts are determined by your position on the map. If you check yourself on the map you will notice the goods just North, Southeast and Southwest of you are what your specialize in. So in theory, there should be an even amount of all different goods that should actually be placed on the market.

But inactive neighbors seems to be the problem here. If you have inactive neighbors around you, you don't have the opportunity to trade your boosted goods for their boosted goods. Alternately using Fellowships seem to help well with this problem but I too have problems sometimes finding specific goods I need.