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Hi, all)


I am playing not every day, but not so seldom. I hate any rules, but have my mind at the point, that my dealing with other must be such, as others dealing with me.
From last fellowship I escaped, becouse I cann't hear (or see) such much conversations in chat. And mail is always full by letters about KP (((

Pegasus 0

No problem. Thx for the short visit. We wish you well with your gaming and hope you find a FS that is suited to your style.


Yes, mine style is simple)
Real life is full of stronge rules. So the game must be territory of freedom.
I think, that using of own mind is enough for conversation and playing together))


The game has rules , the forum has rules , fellowships have rules , architects have rules , lol ! They're the same for everyone ; an inch or centimetre are the same everywhere and for everyone ;).