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Elvenar Team Here am I, send me.


Ex-Team Member
It is said that many are called, but few are chosen.
Just what that means, I have no idea.
However, I am the newest Game Moderator on Elvenar (EN).
I will be answering your support tickets, so be gentle, I bite back.
Seriously (unlikely), I will be doing everything in my power to ensure that your experience with the game is pleasant and, if not hiccup-free, at least not involving any hospital time.


many are called, but few are chosen.
OK - darn you - you got me curious. See http://www.kencollins.com/answers/question-44.htm

The important concept is that "many" has a different meaning than you might expect.
  • In English, many is exclusive. "Many of them came" suggests that most of them didn't.
  • In (biblical) Greek, many is inclusive. "Many of them came" suggests that practically everybody showed up.
So in English it's sort a double negative, which is always a good start for a Game Moderator. :p
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Having read the above posts, I foresee a long and enjoyable discussion between both posters :)
Welcome to the team Rilian !!!


Congratulations and welcome to the Elvenar International support team. I am sure that you will be an excellent addition! :)