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Question to the moderators : do you also work on Social Media (or in Support - since I know at least some of you do), or maybe somewhere else in InnoGames that I'm not even aware of? I'm asking because I am becoming genuinely curious as to why the Elvenar Forum with the fewest users (and let's face it, a Forum with very few users by ANY general Net standards, whether InnoGames-related or not) appears to have the most moderators, and certainly the most who are actually active on the Forum (other Inno Forums have moderators listed who haven't posted in a year or more, or in some cases, ever, while posts by the moderators here are sometimes more numerous in any given thread than posts by the Forum's general membership).

I am not trolling. I once worked as a moderator on the old MSN (Microsoft Network) Forums back in the 1990s, and we had six moderators to cover six thousand (not exaggerating) active Forum posters, as well as several live chat rooms with up to 100 users online at any given time, so I am curious about what it is that the moderators here actually do, if they're not simultaneously employed elsewhere on hidden tasks which we Forum-ites don't generally see. Or is it a case of each one of the moderators working only a couple of hours a week? That would explain it somewhat, I suppose?

Enquiring minds (well, this one) would love to know why the EN Forum is so moderator-blessed, compared with the US and Beta versions, for example.
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Thanks for the question Laurelin, as we are all volunteers our schedules are generally flexible. So yes to some degree it's important to make sure there is always one of us around, to assist you all♥ What's more as we are all scattered around the planet, we all have different hours to be available, so in reality we really don't have an excess of Moderators for the needs of the Forum. Hope this makes it a little clearer for you. Thanks again for the question!


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Just to butt in whilst im still waiting for the Smallest Room... whilst we like to be present in the background, we generally like to leave you guys to your own devices. But from a personal point of view, as a daily player, I like to be in here to read all your bits and bobs! You all raise some extremely interesting points/ideas/debates so basically I'm just nosey :D

But yes, you probably all know that some Moderators simultaneously work both the Forum and Support, but there is always something happening that keeps us occupied in the background... :)


@artemyren : Thanks for the nice reply, and I hope you have fun here... :)

@Laurelin did you realise that only the light blue moderators on the list are the forum moderators? The dark blue ones are game moderators.
To be honest, @Pauly7, I'm not that specific in terms of what I see as a 'Forum moderator'... if they appear here and comment here, they count as mods in my book, especially because some of the names I see here also appear as signatories on Support tickets, so I've always assumed that Inno's public-facing staff have a variety of rôles within the company, which probably change as need arises. I still do wonder, though, why the EN Forum needs so many Forum mods (and/or moonlighting game moderators!) for so few players - although to judge from the comments on the game's Android game store page, I'm not alone in feeling that more Support staff (as opposed to chat moderators) is always a good thing as far as mobile games go...!
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It's always good to see messages from Moderators. It kinda' sets a benchmark, and displays an active participation in the forum. It also seems to encourage more players to join in with their thoughts and ideas.


It's always good to see messages from Moderators. It kinda' sets a benchmark, and displays an active participation in the forum. It also seems to encourage more players to join in with their thoughts and ideas.
Let´s hope so, it´s not like there are too many people talking in here :)


I'm a little bit on the nosy side, so what happened then?

Edit - Cor blimey, I'm a Conjurer....haha :)