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Hello to all


Hi everyone, just started here and still stumbling around finding my feet. Hope to meet, at least, some of you in my travels.


Welcome Riddz, have a smurfing day in Elvenar, or two, or three, or lots more. Enjoy the game. Get into a good fellowship and may you never want to leave them. :)


Co-Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Hi @Riddz and welcome to Elvenar!
Hope you enjoy the game loads :)

A little starting tip:

Build only your boosted manufactures, and trade them for the other two non-boosted for each tier. Doing this from the start will be very healthy for your city, resulting in better development.

Also, giving a look to the wiki will save you from making a few early normal mistakes:

Have fun!


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
Greetings @Riddz and Welcome to the Forum! If you have any questions concerning your game play then do not hesitate to ask. All questions are welcome. We love a good question!! There is a wealth of information available to you from our Wiki Page but also our seasoned players that love to lurk about and help in any way they can :)

I've attached a link to the Forum Rules to familiarise yourself and also a link to Elvenar Wiki.

Once again, Welcome to the Wonderful World of Elvenar and Happy Gaming! :D