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Hello Everyone

HI, my nick name is Ped and screen name is FantasticErgo,
I come from Govan, which is situated in Glasgow UK.
I am really enjoying this game,however there was hardly anyone on chat so i left and made my own fellowship, also struggling a bit with the game ,i will figure it out
I am glad to meet you all and maybe we could help each other out.
All the best to you and your families.


Hi Ped nice to see a weegie here, although my location is now in England i'm from the tarff valley kirkcudbright ( i wanna go home ) i'm a one man invasion force down here ( William Wallace would be so proud )anyhoo glad to see you're enjoying the game and i'm sure you will find most answers to your questions on the game here in the forums. all the best to you and yours. Poacher.


Welcome to the Elvenar forums Ped!
Have fun playing Elvenar, keep doing what you're doing and in no time at all you'll probably meet some amazing people. I sure did. :)