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Happy Friendly Underdogs - recruiting

Little Lilith

Hello folks,

We have a vacancy in our fellowship and we are looking for a new friendly underdog to join us :)

We are a very friendly and helpful fellowship that tries to strike a balance between putting no pressure on our fellows and being very active.
Everyone is encouraged to do their best but we don't have any rules except fair trades.
We get 12 or 13 chests in the tournaments every week, sometimes more.
In the Spire we regularly reach the silver medal and even gold when decide to have a big push.
We also like to play Fellowship Adventures; we alternate between push FAs and chill FAs and we are usually in the top 10 and even succeeded in being 3rd a couple of times.

If you are a team player and enjoy all team actives come join us, we are the right pack for you :)

Please DM me in game: Little Lilith on Arendyll.
Hope to hear from our new fellow soon!


Hi. Thinking of leaving current fellowship - seeking active / friendly fellowship. Access 2-3 times a day and always in top 5 for spire / tournaments / events.

If interested, I'll join when current Spire / Tournament ends ...and when the waiting period expires.

Baffa - Gray Havens

Little Lilith

Hi Baffa :)

While we always like to welcome new active players, I see that your city is on Felyndral and our FS is on Arendyll. Hopefully you'll find another good team on your world :)