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Happy Friendly Underdogs looking for new members

Little Lilith

After 7 years of faithful services, two of our senior doggos have retired from the game and we are looking for a couple of new friendly underdogs to join our pack.

The Underdogs are a friendly fellowship looking to strike a balance between putting no pressure on our fellows and being active, which means we're chill most of the time but we have the necessary focus and drive when targets need to be reached.

Your ranking and boosted goods are not important, only your enthusiasm for the game counts, so we don't mind taking in small puppies too. We'll feed your nice treats, help you grow into a big and experienced Underdog :)

We get 12+ chests in tournaments and we get gold in the Spire often (on average about 2x per month).

We also enjoy playing Fellowship Adventures: we have big pushes from time to time when we aim for the top 3 (last FA we were 2nd) and in between those we're chill about it, although we usually end up in the top 10.

If you're interested or have any additional questions, please contact me in game.
Little Lilith (Happy Friendly Underdogs on Arendyll)

PS: We really don't mind taking in some stray cats too, we have a few of those in our ranks ;)

Little Lilith

Hi folks, we haven't found our new fellow yet. Come join us, you won't regret it: we're really friendly and you'll earn a lot of prizes with us :)

If you're interested message me in game please.