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Happy 6th Birthday Elvenar - Our Birthday Competitions!!!


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Elvenar Team
@Sir Derf We read them all... and there's some proper Belters in Part 3 :D

Sir Derf

I knew what you meant, for I originally meant what you you thought I meant, if you know what I mean.

The roll-eyes was meant to convey sarcasm.


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Elvenar Team
The Competition is Over! We are calculating the winners.

Thank you, everybody, for so many posts. We have a lot of participants, especially for the First Competition. We are checking all your answers for all three competitions. We will announce the winners by Monday, 21st at 21:00.

diamond.pngdiamond.png Stay tuned! diamond.pngdiamond.png


I smelllll :diamond::diamond::diamond: :D:D:D.....
my acceptance speech - first off I would like to thank my loving parents for giving me life, secondly I would like to thank my schools for giving me some wonderful knowledge and lastly but not forgetfully, I would like to thank the kind people of the forums for bringing these wonderful and fun competitions to a group of great diverse players here on the EN server......thank you thank you, I will be in contact with support shortly :p


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Elvenar Team
Hi All!

The Competition Entries have now been made public so you can see them all!! Thank you so much for some imaginative and honestly, AWESOME Part 3 Submissions.


Kind Regards


Sir Derf

Wanted to append tis to my original Contest Part 3 submission, but it is locked....

You see, shortly after posting my State of the City, complete with the description of the future Phases 2 and 3 of our Transition Plan, we received a new submission to the Planning Committee. One of the smaller think tanks, Juggernaut Ltd., proposed a combination of, well, unconventional ideas. We knew that a large portion of Short-Term Enrichment Centers were reaching the end of their lifetimes and could be demolished to make way for city improvements. What the J-team also saw was that many of what we considered to be important buildings in our city were also of older designs, and that we already had in our possession the plans and the raw materials to build newer, more modern, updated replacements. Now, this happens all the time, and Juggernaut's plans weren't the usual smash-and-replace; no, they saw an upcoming temporary opportunity that could make a bold use in this opportunity.

For you see, Juggernaut knew that the International Brotherhood of Fellows was soon to hold one of their semi-regular competitions between their various local chapters; what I believe they call an "Adventure for Fellows", or something like that. And what Juggernaut proposed was that yes, we should condemn the expiring Outposts and Wheels on schedule, but we should also advance the schedule on demolition of the various Nests and Sawmills and Merchants throughout our city. But, and here is the genius of their proposal, we should delay the construction of Embassies and updated Orc, Mana and Seed outlets. Instead we should invest our resources into the mass-production of Marble Manufactories. And not the giant powerhouses we already have, able to churn out large quantities of Marble goods with little customization. No. we want to encourage lots of individual small-scale operations, who can make smaller productions, but with high quality. And with all the space we would make, we can put in a lot. And I mean a lot. Juggernaut surveyors and architects believe that we can encourage a truly remarkable number of Marble startups. And lastly, Juggernaut suggests that we should pour our efforts through city grants and subsidized loans, to encourage each of these shops to build to the very best they can in the space they have.

And so we did. The wreckers went out and cleared squares. The movers reorganized the city to consolidate all those cleared squares into a single Power Zone of combined Provinces. The Department of Public Works laid out an organized grid of roads. The construction crews built brand new shopfronts. Interior designers went through and did rounds of upgrades and modernizations. Yes, we had to open the City Budget to spend some of our precious Diamond Reserves to allow the expansion of the Builders Union to take on two more full partners, but it was worth it.

Ladies and Gentle-Orcs, I present to you the pride and joy of Derfopolis's Adventure for Fellows Secret Plan...

Derfopolis 2.jpg

300 Level 5 Marble Manufactories, taking up 750 squares, 25 full provinces.


Ahhhhhhhhahahahaha lvl 5??? You are totally nuts, I would declare you an honorary Swag just for that :)