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Happy 6th Birthday Elvenar - Our Birthday Competitions!!!


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Elvenar Team


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Elvenar Team
I did. It worked!
It sure did!!

Hi Valania! I think you gave me the wrong phone number. It happens to me a lot.
I tried googling forum (got US) as a guest, you were not there. I went to forums through my game and you weren't there. Is there a way for us to meet?
ps I like cooking

That is very nice, and sorry, I misplaced my phone! I just remembered I do not need one, you can always reach me here!


I find a competition that needs me to use social media and then be a creative writer impossible to enter. I spent an hour of wasted time looking for answer one and could not find it anywhere, what is a chat bot anyway?


Your Google-fu is weak.

Google? We are not all Fu-Shi-Lol-pmsl these days - Entered, thanks for the tip and you have me inspirational story writing now. :)

I was just so stuck on part 1 and hope that tip helps everyone else stuck on part one to enter the rest of it.
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