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Question Halflings' Orc Nest: Why is it worse than S&D's?


So, while I am stalling with a filled up advanced scouts for halflings, I am wondering this:


Is it an error, or it really yields 560 orcs per 23 hours instead of 20 hours? If so, this building gets significantly worse... I hope the "reward" is not 240 more pts of culture. I have no premium buildings but some 1x1 "princess something" somewhere lost in my city, all my buildings are obviously S&D, so it makes no sense that it gives you more culture vs slightly fewer orcs (24.35 orcs/hour in Halflings, while you get 25 orcs/hour in S&Ds.)


So, what's up with this orc's nest? Is it really as it says, or is it a display bug?


20 / h means it will deliver 20 orcs per hour. So when you upgrade it, it will deliver 23 orcs per hour, so 23 / h. These numbers are approximate - you cant actually collect your orcs every hour!
The 500 and 560 numbers are the orcs delivered every 24 hours, which is the production cycle of the nest.


True, I have seven on them, collect twice a day, and really never thought of it... that display is confusing, but yes, its a 24 hour timer with a 12h early collect.