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Guide to fastest path through S&D

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Firstly, as with most races, the fasted route is to fully upgrade the guest race production buildings before moving further along the tree (with the possible exception of if you need the expansion since that is only 60 graduates).

Short version:

This assumes that you have enough space for all buildings, if you are not able to add the faculties suggested the Campus upgrades are less effective.
Best route is:

1. Unlock Alchemy first of the faculties and build 3 Alchemy faculties at level 1 around a level 1 Campus.

2. Once unlocked for Campus level 1 have 3 alchemy, 2 arcane and 3 necromancy faculties

3. Upgrade faculties to level 2

4. Upgrade Campus to level 2 adding and upgrading to level 2 an arcane faculty

5. Upgrade Campus to level 3 adding one Alchemy and 1 Necromancy faculty (at level 2)

6. Upgrade Campus to level 4 adding one Arcane faculty (you should have 4 of each faculty.

7. Upgrade the faculties, I’ve not optimised this fully, you will need most arcane scrolls for this step so unless you have lots saved up upgrade arcane scrolls first. However upgrade all to level 3 only then upgrade any to level 4.

8. Proceed with the rest of the tree.

Long version/Explanation:

For both faculties and the campus we can work out the cost (in arcane scrolls, soul catchers and crystal flasks) per percentage gain in production relative to a single faculty. That is where 100% gain means the equivalent of doubling the production of a single faculty or e.g. gaining 10% in the production of 10 faculties.

You might think that the gain for a campus upgrade is e.g. for level 1 – level 2 is just 20%*8 given it has 8 faculties. However Campus level 2 can fit 9 faculties rather than 8 faculties round it making 12.5% gain in the number of faculties available. This means (approximately) that the gain is actually 35% in overall production or 35%*9 =315% of 1 faculties’ production. This costs 9300 resources so the cost per percentage gain relative to one faculty is 9300/315≈29.5. Working out these values for all of the available upgrades gives:

So level 2 upgrades for Arcane and Alchemy are most efficient, followed by Campus level 2 etc. Note also that to fully upgrade the Campus we need 14100 crystal flasks, 12300 soul catchers and 10500 arcane scrolls. This is why on Campus levels 1 and 3 we have one less arcane faculty and why we kick start crystal flask production.

For reference for upgrading all 12 faculties from level 2 to level 4 we need 15640 crystal flasks, 18900 arcane scrolls and 17290 soul catchers. You will also have produced extra crystal flasks early on and less arcane scrolls so my best guess is, when upgrading faculties to level 3 and subsequently level 4 is order arcane, necromancy and then alchemy.

Overall for the full setup you need almost exactly equal numbers of the 3 goods.

I have only just started S&D and have used the wiki as a guide, so I have yet to use this method myself. The calculations are approximate and come with some assumptions (e.g. for Campus upgrades that the faculties are all at the same level and any new faculties start at that level). The latter assumption is not quite true in my suggested guide but should be close enough to not make much difference.

Do please ask if you have any questions, I’ve tried to keep this short but that does mean that I am glossing over some details.

Example layouts below (ignore the levels of the faculties):