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City 'Grey out' expired buildings

  • Thread starter DeletedUser8409
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It can be quite hard to visually see when a building has expired, for some more than others [Wells are quite noticeable, others much less so].

Graphically on the app if a building is disconnected then it is 'greyed out' to show it is not working. Would it be possible please to get expired buildings to grey out as well like disconnected buildings so they can be easily identified and sold?


I like the idea. Many times it happend that only using Elvenarchitect I discovered some forgoten 5 days military boost, hidden god knows where I could find a bit of space.


Could be useful, but sometimes I want to keep an expired building just because it looks nice. This is why I stopped building Wishing Wells because the game makes them look awful when the time runs out.


I've seen a suggestion with the opposite idea - to keep the buildings animated after expiry. Personally, I find the greyed out buildings on mobile very ugly. Maybe we could have them fully animated in normal mode while graying them out in move and sell mode?