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Greetings and Salutations


Afternoon to all, I'm Mak and after several technical issue I finally made it to the forum pages. Having recently retired I found the need to fill in some extra hours in the day, hence my first foray into the world of on line gaming. Still a little dazed and confused but getting there slowly. Many questions still to find answers for, but the main one would be: how/where do you get those precious diamonds without the need to pay outrageous international exchange rates and commissions (or is there an option to change to local currency, am from that place down under ;))?

Cheers M


Welcome to the forum's Mak. To answer your question about diamonds the Wishing Well (won in events) and the genie (won in the Spire of Eternity) have a chance in their random rewards to give out diamonds. Reward chests found from the boss fights in the Spire of Eternity also have a chance to give out diamonds, if you are in a fellowship the multiplayer aspect of the spire also rewards diamonds in chests 4, 8 and 12. The Spire of Eternity is available from chapter 3.


Thankyou Steven1 that's very handy to know, I shall keep an eye out as I travel forward. Yes I have joined a small Fellowship and just finished my first tournament. Now I am just sitting under a tree waiting for my supplies to reach the required number to open the chest for chapter 3.


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Welcome to the forum @MakLoki .

In addition to the above diamonds are also awarded at the end of many of the chapters after completing one of the final storyline quests (usually about 200 a time I think). Technically diamonds are Elvenar's premium currency. In days past there wouldn't usually be any option to receive diamonds without buying them, but luckily now they have provided several free ways to get some.


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Welcome to the community!
We hope you enjoy your adventure through our little corner of online gaming :D