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Closed | Contact Support Goods decreased serious amount when click collect things from Genie



my city in Arendyll have strange issue happen.
At first when I complete the Superior Gems Manufactory research, it required 3 tier goods to unlock(if I remember correctly) but when I unlock, the resource status bar show the other goods that not related to the reseach had decrease. then I went to collect from Genie, status bar show that my silk are decrase after I click on Genie. what should I do when the game starting to decrease things that I spent times and money to get it.

I tried to reproduce this bug by collecting other thing e.g. coins. but nothing happen.



Ex-Team Member
@Tossakan Please lodge a ticket with Support. This will allow us to check your records to work out what has happened. It will help if you can remember approximately what time the actions took place.


Hi Rilian,

the isuue happen before I posted this topic around 30-40 minutes. I'm not sure about time-zone to tell support. clicking on genie was almost the last action that I did on building, after that I just expanded provinces. and I opened ticket already. I'm not serious much because collecting things in-game are weird many times, but this time it happen twice in a minute with large amount this should be serious.