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Good bye from me as well.

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Deleted User - 341074

I think @Lelanya had the right idea.
These forums do not "spark joy" .
I'm just not getting anything positive out of them.
While I generally find the mods to be too heavy-handed, and assumed that would be the reason for my eventual withdrawal.

Peace out EN forums, may the ~6 of you who remain find happiness here.
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Did you count us all? Sounds like it took forever to get that count ;)
Happiness to you in other places!


@SoggyShorts unbelievable to be called that, and unacceptable.

Take care my friend, replying before this and @Lelanya threads and posts get removed.

The staff really do need to realise that they are destroying the community here, maybe not intentionally and a lot of it in my belief comes down to the interpretation of the English language by different cultures around the world.


Master of the Elements
Says it all when this very post was censored.

Again, understandable decision to walk away. I would say au revoir Soggy, but I'll see you on the other side of the fence.


Sorry to see you both leaving @SoggyShorts and @Lelanya :(
This way are fewer and fewer players to debate and chat about game and therefore, less and less reasons to come to the forum.
If we are allowed only to praise the game ... mmwell ... no point in having a forum at all.