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Question Goblin Flower Building - question


Hello folks,

I hope you're all well and are having a wonderful week in Elvenar (outside as well xD).

I have been trying to simulate how far I will manage to get into the new evolving building. In a good scenario, stage 8 (9 if very lucky) and in a normal scenario, stage 7. My question is if it's worth placing it at the stage 7.

I tried to compare this building to the older, similar evolving buildings. I used the Mermaid's Paradise for my comparison.
At stage 7, it gives 1 AWKP, goods, population and culture. The Goblin building at stage 7 gives: goods, population and culture.

Is it worth to use this building at stage 7? I used my Meimaid's Paradise in the past because it gave the daily AWKP(1) and with the rest it felt enough, bu for the Goblin building, I am not sure.
What do you think folks?

If no, at what stage would you place it and why?

Thank you for your feedback and have fun!


I'm undecided but will place it if it's maxed mainly because I like event buildings (not a solid game strategy...)
If you want to figure out the "value" then do a yield-per-tile comparison of pop/culture/goods with similar buildings and let the maths guide you.

I think a lot depends on what you need/want at the time. The 'Echoes of the Forgotten' building got a lot of meh comments but it produces double the orcs per tile than an orc nest does. For me it was a no-brainer to place it as I needed more orcs. The pop & culture on top of the orcs is a bonus.