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Other Gendered honorifics


I have noticed that a lot of the NPCs presume gender and I wonder if the dialogue could be altered to be gender neutral?


I'm not really a "Sire" or "my Lord" type person. I wonder, would our male players be reacting to this if they were called My Lady, or Domina?

Maybe something fawning like,
  • "Oh, Resplendent One!"
  • Your Magnificence
  • Wisest
  • Glorious Leader
  • Majesty
For military command
  • Strategist
  • All Seer
  • Brave Leader
  • Righteous One
We could go a step more .. elfy? And use terms like Vitalitus, Shining One, Arbor's Fruit, Argent Root, Elegance, or.. things :)

There are just so many ways of saying respected leader that don't imply you are the
King of Us


Co-Community Manager
Elvenar Team
We at Elvenar value and definitely support positive Gender Equality. Your suggestion makes a lot of sense. Therefore, we are going to forward this immediately to our Developers. We are sure that our Developers will consider this and start working towards a more LGTBQIA+ friendly texts.

I like your idea erebus, the Elfie language is very nice, although we cannot discriminate against our humans! But I am sure our developers will come up with something!
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There is that guy referred to as "the special one" lol I just had a chat with @BlueBlou about that guy but on a totally different subject... anyway funny how he fits into this discussion just as well :D

I would prefer to be addressed as "your Orcness" if someone can fix that please?


Ahh that makes me feel all fuzzy inside, and yes i know that´s gross... but you know Orcs...
Just don’t barf, would be a bit too gross ... lol

I heard my name mentioned, guess I will have to pop in. What happened to being humble? What would be really cool is in place of the honorifics, that the player name can be mentioned. Like, “Blueblou”! I like these cultural buildings you have cultivated. ... etc. The coding should not be impossible to do this.

We are a big diverse community with various levels of English dialect, English proficiency and life experiences. What is clear to one person, may not be clear to another. Even “the special one” which sound simple in itself and non gender based, does have other meanings for some and can be very gender based.

@Mods, I know some forums can assign unique titles to users in addition to the list of titles that can be earned from being active. I think it is time that a certain orc stop being an artisan and become “your Orcness”. Would that be possible on this forum?
I really like this idea. I‘m sure we will have non binary players that don’t identify with any particular gendar so I think this would be a great improvement for them.


Noble Hero?

"Hello Adventurer!" (someone might get that reference)

I have encountered the character dialogue with {user name} inserted in a few different online games, so hopefully that could be integrated

I have entirely too many non-binary, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, gender-neutral and otherwise self-describing friends and loved ones for me to not be highly aware of gendered language. I've had to train my self to avoid pronouns altogether in many situations, to accommodate the needs of people I care deeply for.

I don't know what it honorific I would choose for myself. Perhaps, I should get my Autocucumber to choose?

You may address me as "Your Assailant".
Enar's britches!! That will not do!
Autocucumber, I banish thee!!