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Game Settings


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Did you know that you can manage your account and game in the settings behind the cog wheel?

Click on the cog wheel at the right bottom of your screen as if you want to log out.


You surely already figured out how to zoom in, switch between full screen and windowed screen and how to reach the support section with the Knowledge Base and the 'Contact us' button where you can raise a ticket to support.
As you have spotted, I prefer to play in silent mode. As nice as the music and the environment noises are, I prefer spending hours in front of the screen in silence. Just a personal choice.

The more interesting button here is the small cog wheel on the bottom of this drop down menu. Clicking on this wheel brings you to this window:


The first tab 'Confirmation' is straight forward. Tick or untick one or both option and click on the 'Save' button and you are done here. On the bottom is always the current version of your game displayed.

If you click on the 'Graphics' tab your window changes to the following one:


As explained in the info behind the little blue 'i' flag, you can change the listed settings here if you experience lag in your game. Don't forget to hit the 'Save' button before you leave this window. If your game is 'laggy', it is worth trying different settings out here.

The third tab leads you to your account settings.


On the top is the prompt to the Email and Password section behind the little cog wheel:

Email PW.png

Here you can change and validate your email address and password. If you make any changes you need to save them. If you changed your mind, hit 'Cancel' to go back to the 'Account' tab.


Second option is the Data Usage Options area. Clicking on the little cog wheel at the end of the line opens a new tab in your browser where you can manage how InnoGames should contact you and handle personal data relating to the above mentioned account on Elvenar English International. You can also refer to our Privacy Policy for further information.

The third option can bring some significant changes: The tic here gives green light to the automatic movement system to move your city into another area on the map of your world. It can take a while for this to happen because the system needs to find a spot first where your city will fit in. As you know your boosted goods are linked to the provinces around your city and if your city shall get moved, the provinces need to be in the same arrangement. You will not receive a notification that your city got moved, you will just notice, that your neighbourhood looks different and that you cannot reach old neighbours anymore because they are out of your reach. We should add that just because you are moved, does not mean that you would fiind yourself in a better or busier part of the World Map.

Please note that the Support Team is not able to help here. The moving process is automated and cannot get changed. It cannot be undone and there is no choice of the area you would want to move to.

The last position just changes the way you start your workshops: all at once without the need to tick the square on the top of the crafting window or starting your workshops individually with the option to tick the square on the top of the crafting window.

Again, if you change anything, don't forget to hit the 'Save' button.

Please note that this is post is made based on the browser version of the game. The mobile version can be slightly different to this.
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Note: On the 'Email and Password' page, changing your email is only available if you have validated your email. That side will show 'Resend Validation Mail' if you have not completed that process. If you think you have, or if you do not have access to the old email, you must get in touch with Support.

On the 'Graphics' page, people with older machines will find a dramatic improvement by unchecking the atmospheric effects button.


I have seen that Support do send you a notice if your city were moved, in your in-game mail inbox.

JoJo the Bold

As per usual, half of what’s explained here is not in the mobile app. It would be helpful to clearly note up front what platform you’re referring to for these tips and tricks.


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Elvenar Team
@JoJo the Bold I am writing this at the bottom of the article just because I feel that it would be wrong to write it at the beginning. That way, most Forum users are reading it till the end and if they are playing only on the App, then they at least see the difference between Browser and App. I tried using the App to explain how things are organised there, but to me, it is far too complicated. My eyes are not as good as they were once upon a time and zooming in and out drives me mad (if you ask my husband, I am mad anyway :) ).
Perhaps an App user can join our Team? We are looking for more Volunteers :)

Paris Silk

I'm amazed that players use the mobile app. I'm glad that they do of course. More players equates to more fun for all. My eyesight is going downhill also. Until there is a mobile phone with a 15 inch screen I'll be sticking with the PC version :)
I tend to use both. I like the PC version for the additional information in dialogs (and interactivity in the fight sequences) but I find the neighbourhood help interface much quicker and easier in the mobile (android) app. Consequently, I found an android emulator for the PC (Bluestacks) and I'll switch over to that from time to time.