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Open Game not loading correctly.

Computer is fast and built for gaming. IT has checked computer, modem, connection, computer speed. Everything is perfect this end. I submitted a ticket on 12 August, after suffering the issues for several days. Unfortunately, all the issues are still happening and it is becoming very difficult to play my cities. I don't want to stop playing Elvenar but the frustration of trying to play with crippled cities is taking the joy out of things.

I have to continually refresh my cities. Often I only get a blank screen with a grey line down the right-hand side that jumps up and down.

If I do manage to get something to load, often it is missing the icons. Hence, I'm playing blind and having to guess what I'm clicking on. I've lost diamonds doing this. :(

It takes many attempts to open things like, world, spire, research. The upload just freezes at around 50%. Even in the spike, if a mystery chest appears, I can't see it. I have to reload the spire over and over hoping the chest will appear.

Probably ever other time I get an upload problem I quickly check my speed. I've now permanently got the link on the tool bar. As you can see my speed isn't the issue.

I've been putting up information in the Facebook Platinum group and I'm not the only one encountering these issues. There are many, many people all dealing with exactly the same issues so it isn't all our devices that are the problem. It's a problem with Elvenar.

Please, acknowledge that, yes, there is a problem and then start to try and fix it.



I have to agree...this looks like a clear your cache and cookie deal......if not this, then maybe your video driver needs updating (thinking out loud)


While you are trying to figure out a solution or waiting for a slution by Inno, just play on the App for a while :) Sounds like it will be a far less frustrating experience until things get sorted.


If you're using Chrome or Firefox, go on Settings and check the option 'Use hardware acceleration when available'. Then reload the browers.
To me, my 2 cents, it looks an issue with your graphic card or you're using addons such ghostery or Ublock, for the game you need to give permissions to this site.
In the preferences of the game, go to Settings, Graphic, and select all of them to low and deselect Toggle atmospheric effects. Ten log completely out and log in again.