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Closed | Archived Game isn't loading


Whenever I try and login the game screen is blank with an icon rotating around the edges of the screen.



I can get to this point, it happens whenever I click either of these. I play on browser and absolutely zero has changed on my end in the ~3 hours it has been since I last logged in and it worked perfectly.


Thanks for the quick reply Herodite, it decided to load after I tried again a few minutes after posting the thread. I made no changes so ive no idea what it was.


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
We are aware of a few issues guys, we've raised this with the Team and we're getting it looked into. If you could bear with us we'll get this resolved as soon as possible :)

Kind Regards

I've not been able to play game for almost 24 hrs. Loads to 100% but never starts game. It's happened several times in the last month. I am using enserver and live in US.