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Closed | Archived Game freezing


Hi, the game has been freezing repeatedly just now forcing me to restart. First I thought it was something to do with my computer, but everyone online in my FS is reporting the same. Anyone else can confirm this?


I'm playing HTML otherwise it's painfully slow. Problems I get (since the last update) are;
1. When initially opening a city page it is in "freeze" for about the first 5-10 seconds, and any attempt to start play immediately confuses the game.
2. Intermittent freezes during play which can only be resolved by reloading
3. When reloading a game if the amount reloaded ever says 17/24 I know the reload has frozen and needs restarting.
4. When opening notifications, clicking on a message to open it has the same effect as closing the notifications page about 50% of the time
5. A new one from today is I keep being thrown out of the game with "stream error" every 5 minutes.


Thank you for reporting this issue so promptly- the issue seems to have been resolved now so I'll close this thread.