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FS Nymeria Recruiting - Want 10 chests?


Everyone is welcome, let us develop something bigger together. We are laid back bunch that love our tournys! Please come and join and do not forget to have fun :)

FS GOALS: Members to be active and regular players that participate in weekly touranments (aim to win 10 chests), spire and FAs (aim to win all stage prizes). Neighbourly help given to other FS members where requested (MH=Main Hall, B=Builder's Hut, C= Culture).

COMMUNICATION: Real life can sometimes get in the way of gaming, therefore if members need to step away from the game for a period of time they inform someone. Members check messages and respond when necessary. Members use common sense and respect to communicate with each other, obviously humour is allowed, since we're all here to have fun.

BOOSTED GOODS: Members produce all three boosted goods when able to, to provide trade to other FS members.

TRADE: Fair trades only - 2 or 3 star trades. However, unfair trades pre-arranged with other players are allowed but please do them quickly. Large trades for larger cities and small trades from smaller cities. Where possible, larger cities will accept small trades from smaller cities to help them develop their city into a larger city!

CITY DEVELOPMENT: Members will develop their city, with the aim of growing the FS ranking scores. Requests for advice and help are responded to by other members.