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Friendly, Active and Driven Player. Seeking Same From FS


Hello everyone!

I am a very active, friendly and supportive player from Australia, and I'm very driven to advance and grow in this amazing game.

I am looking for the same from a fellowship! Whilst I am currently in a great fellowship ( Ranked around 900 ) I feel I will have much more to offer in a more active FS.

I only have manufactories in my boosted goods, Steel, Scrolls and Dust, and always trade offering 2-3 star trades.

This is me so far
Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 7.11.48 am.png


Hi, I am the AM of Arte et Labore in Arendyll and play under the name of Maharet there. We have a vacancy and are well into the top 100, only rule is 3+ visits a week to all other Fellowship members. Please consider joining us, you will not be disappointed!


Thank you for getting back to me. All the best with your new Fellowship!


We have vacancies for friendly active and supportive players. Have a look at us on Elvenstats:


We are currently removing inactive players and are looking to replace them with people just like you.

We have a few chatty players who are all happy to share advice if you need it. Some from Europe and Canada so different time zones. We would be really happy if you would consider us. We need players who want to help with tournaments and events and are actively recruiting!

Best regards,

Shire Folk.