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FORTIS - In need of active tournament player


FORTIS is looking for a Marble/Silk/Gem, Steel/Scroll/Dust, Steel/Scroll/Elixir

We offer:
- https://fortisfelyndral.wixsite.com/fortis
- 10 Chests each week.
- Swap threads / AW Club.
- Tools for tournaments.
- Tournament High Score: 11,178

What we expect:
- Weekly Tournament participation from all members. Average 1200 score.
- City score 150k+ preferred.
- Daily visits 5 days a week.
- Fellowship Adventures: Casual approach, doing more when space allows.
- Keep cross trades to a minimum.
- Boosted goods factories only except for events.
- Communicate when you need a break.
- Be respectful of others.

Please message Jaelyn in game if you think you can meet the expectations.

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Looking to replace an inactive player. We need a strong tournament player with Marble/Silk/gems.