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Fixing bugs identified in Beta prior to implementing into servers

Should bugs reported in Beta Server be corrected prior to implementing in other servers?

  • No. Keep implementing bugs into server updates even though addressed in Beta.

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Just thought to throw this one out there.

Numerous bugs and required fixes that are identified in Beta server are not being 100% fixed prior to implementing into live servers.
They may correct a few or throw a band-aid on others, but they are insistent on implementing patches and upgrades (usually one week after Beta release) before correcting them all.

Isn't the purpose of Beta server to be a test server to fix these things prior to live game updates?
Why wouldn't they put some effort into correcting all bugs and fixes prior to implementation, even if it may delay the release of the patch or update into live servers.

Any thoughts on this?


By the way, EVERYONE on the US server is railing over this.
They're saying every single bug that went on the beta server was "updated" to the US server as well....nothing was fixed.


In the beat version we are tormented with a failing game update. Visiting was a nightmare prior to the second last update, then it was fixed.....WOOT WOOT...Then the last update it was ruined again even worse than before. This game should be moving forward not taking one step forward punishing us with removing things making it constantly harder and harder and then taking 2 steps backwards.

I totally agree with Heisenberg. VERY WELL SAID. Fix the bugs then release updates to other servers.

I play BETA to get the newest well designed features first. But ruining this game with your so called Balancing is ruining this game experience for all of us.