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Open Finished production blocks the building when portal is full (app)


App version 1.105 on iOS version 13.5.
Human city in Elvenar chapter on Winyandor.

My Vaults of Wisdom produced Human Collections, but my portal is full (apparently by mistake I launched the wrong production). When I tap on the building, I get "Not enough storage capacity" message displayed over the building and that's all, no solution is offered. I can't even make space in the portal, because the goods are used in the very same building, so I can't "consume" them by launching some production.

Is this just a bug in this particular building or is it like this in all guest race buildings in the app?? It's crazy to be blocked like this!

Workaround: I'll head to the "full" desktop browser now and get rid of the production there, but I'm sure not everyone has that option (I also don't have it available 24/7 all year long).
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