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Question Finding a player on Elvenstats


I know Elvenstats is not linked to the forum but I'm hoping someone can advise....
I'm trying to find a player on elvenstats (in order to use elven architect to have a better look at their city) but their name doesn't show up in the drop-down search. They've got a level 4 Main Hall so I assume they've been playing long enough to have 'featured' in stats gathering software.
Any ideas please?


If the player is in fs, you may try to find fs first. If fs also doesn't appear, then look if there are some bigger/older players in fs that you can find. Some pretty inactive players are just not on list, but they appear that way. Search works only through already existing players in Elvenstats.


Sometimes it works better to type only part of the name, I've seen names pop up that I was searching for, which I wasn't able to find when I typed out the whole name... Not sure why that is, but it's worth a try? For example, when searching for myself, I'd start with "C-Nym" and then wait for the full list to expand to choose my own city from.
If you want me to help to try and find them, feel free to send me a PM with the name. I'll see what I can do :)

Edit: and kurg's suggestion of finding their FS first works well too, because then you can hit the 'refresh members list' button which reloads all the cities' information.