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Filter list for Traders

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I am sorry to tell the hard truth.
If there is an imbalance in the game, then some might take that imbalance to there favor. but at core value. the imbalance exists with or without them. they might make it slighty worse but it's not the problem.

It issue does not disappear when traders dissappear, the imbalance is still there
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You get what you wish for in the new chapter.

Traders can no longer actively trade the new goods, but hey best part is you can't place a decent amount of trades as well.
Talking about shooting yourself in the foot.
Every 6 hours you can place 3 times 1800 ascended goods on the market (5x with premium).
For everything else you need you can battle it out with the rest of the server, like those traders you can now yourself open the trader every 5 seconds in a fight with other players who get's those few goods placed on the market first.

Your comments on my post were ignorant and insulting. Expressing my 'thought' is not whining, nor crying. And you didn't even take the trouble to understand what I was saying. The new Ascended Goods have nothing to do with my talking point.

I hope you are happy with trying to destroy other players' game.


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Elvenar Team
@SkyRider99 The Trader is (and always will be I guess) a debatable point concerning trades. We have approached the Team with this in the past however it's not something they are looking to deal with in the near future. Whilst many players post Fair Trades, there are also those that place Unfair and still get them taken for one reason or another. Sometimes these trades are created purely for Fellowship Members however they appear in the overall lists. The one positive though is that all "unfair" trades are automatically placed at the bottom of the list.

Whilst I understand a lot of players need for this. Unfortunately it's not something that will be happening for the lower Chapters.

Now in view of the thread taking a rather personal slant, I have locked this for further replies.

Kind Regards

Not open for further replies.