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Hi All

Does anyone else have problems fighting, especially when the opponets are down the bottom and they are hard to get too.?? I find it hard to get to them and its very annoying when u lose alot of troops..

Can the gaming ppl create a tab so u can close it or mininize it (where they have the rounds 1,2 etc)

You can click on the gear button (bottom right of screen) when in combat and select the fullscreen option. That moves the rounds bar a little lower thus allowing you to easily access the lowest part of the battlefield grid.


Actually, I think the turn table should be made smaller and shifted to the top of the screen.
too much dead space.


Im glad that this finally came through.

It would be safe to say it was an issue in having to go to full screen in order to click that hex.


autobattle is the worst way to go with almost 95% of troops dying