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Answered Festive of the May tree

Mrs cactusbob

I really want to be able to evolve my festive of the May tree but I never see the artefacts in the craft centre or buy them anywhere. Can anyone help with this?


I do believe the artifacts for this evolving building will become available in the spire or by crafting but only when the rotation of artifacts comes around for it....and to be frank, there is a list of rotation artifacts posted here somewhere but for the life of me, I can not find it.....if maybe a mod @Herodite , @Silmaril , @anonglitch or any other forum member knows where it is, can you please post it here ty :)

Sir Derf

They were added in the rotation on December 5th, 2021 for 6 weeks. If I remember correctly, given the number of evolvers, a full rotation would take about 2 years (might be a little longer as there probably have been more added since I last did the math), so I wouldn't expect it to be back until about the New Year.