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Felyndral KP Exchange


I just thought I'd see if there was any interest in a server-wide knowledge point exchange for the Felyndral (en3) game world. The way this works is people exchange knowledge points (KP) in a chain, with each poster giving 3 KP to the player who posted before them. The idea is that people can spend their spare KP (or instants) in places where they know it's needed, pick up good rewards in the process, and get equal help on their own wonders. Any city in Felyndral (en3) is eligible to participate, so long as they have at least one wonder.

  1. Go to the last page in this thread and scroll to the bottom to see the very last post.
  2. Vist that player's city in Felyndral (en3).
    (Click on your rank number below your username, enter the player's forum name into the search box, then click their name, then click 'Visit'.)
  3. Find the wonder the player specified in their post and donate 3 KP to it.
  4. Post a reply on this thread saying:
    • What you did
    • Which wonder you want helped (and its rough location if it's hard to find)
    • (Optional) Second preference wonder (in case the other is full or upgrading)
  5. The next person will then do the same for you, and so on.
Your post might look something like this:
TestPlayer said:
JohnDoe's Golden Abyss helped.
My Tome of Secrets please (next to main hall). Or Endless Excavation if unavailable (north corner of city).
Hints and Tips
  • The current version of the app doesn't allow you to donate to other people's wonders, so you'll need to do this on a PC.
  • Sometimes you might see people abbreviate the names of wonders. A glossary of common abbreviations is below:
    ToS = Tome of Secrets; GA = Golden Abyss; EE = Endless Excavation; Needles = Needles of the Tempest; MM = Martial Monastery; Lighthouse = Crystal Lighthouse; MH = Mountain Halls.
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To get things rolling I'll give 10 KP to the specified wonder of the first person to post (and you don't need to donate anything to any of my wonders this first time). After that the exchange will continue in the normal manner described above.


@alsael blooming trader done.
mountain halls please (far west corner)
(backup: crystal lighthouse)