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Fellowships - struggling to find active players


many people are talking about the fact that it is hard to find and keep active players unless you are in the top fellowships. Therefore have you considered the option of allowing fellowships to merge?
Players drop off and stop playing or they move to a more powerful one because those of us with only 2/3rds or 3/4qtrs of our fellowship active don’t always reach the end goals. We recruit but finding active players can be difficult. People are loyal but they get disheartened.
I went to see how many other fellowships are around so I could message them, but can not see a full list of those that are below or immediately above us, you have it quite restricted. I feel allowing fellowships to merge would give remaining members within a fellowship a lot more fun and potentially giving them back their love of the game.


I might be misunderstanding what you are asking but here is my take on things.....this is coming from a PC player, things may be different on app so an app player might have to chime in as well.....on PC if you click the gold trophy under your name, a pop up shows where you can click fellowships, once you click fellowships there IS in fact a list of all fellowships by ranking before yours and after yours, this is where you then can scroll all the fellowships looking for the ones with less players to merge with (fellowships are allowed to merge) and you would be able to message them......now to know if the members of such fellowships are active, you would have to use an outside Elvenar website in order to find that out, head on over to ElvenStats.com and check that out.....hope this helps :)




Ding ding :)
On the app (Android) I can see 2 fellowships above, 2 below and the top 50.
much different on app than PC.....so the suggestion would be that the app be set up like the PC is which would make it easier for app users to find fellowships to merge with or the app player would have to also use the PC version in order to look for fellowships....thanx @Jake65